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When you purchase a new or used machine, truck or piece of equipment from LAAN EQUIPMENT, you have our full support in the general condition of it. We offer you advice, fast service, the best market price and we can take care of the complete transport until the port of destination. Below you will find more information about our company. If anything is still unclear, you can always reach us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any further questions.
LAAN EQUIPMENT is experienced in shipping machines worldwide. We can arrange for the machine to be transported in a covered trailer, flatbed trailer, container or with a Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) shipment. Through an extensive network, we can quickly transport your newly purchased equipment worldwide. This can be done by getting it to the desired port for international shipping or other destination by road transport.
Our goal is to be your supplier of new and used equipment and partner in transport solutions for many years. While you can concentrate on your core business, we take care of the transportation of the equipment you purchased. This quickly and cost effectively.












Machine modifications

With us, it is possible to make various modifications to the machine you want. This way, we want to provide you with a suitable machine that you can start working with immediately. 
You should think about the following modifications: 
Changing tyres
Hydraulic construction 
Supply of buckets and attachments
Supply of roto-tilt or tilt 
Installation of overpressure systems
New undercarriage 

If you want something specific that is not listed above, please ask and we will see what is possible!

In addition, it's also possible to lease a machine. 

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