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Welcome at Laan Equipment

Our services

Laan Equipment buys and sells new and used construction machinery, but we do much more than that. Look here for one of our possibilities:


Can't find what's listed here? Then please contact us!


A lot is possible at Laan Equipment, for example, shipments and transport of machines, modifications, supply of desired attachments, advice, etc. 

Machine leasing 

One of our sales forms is leasing to customers. Would you like to lease a machine? Then get in touch to discuss the possibilities. 

Selling a machine?

Want to sell or trade in a machine? There are several ways of doing this. Please send an email to with a clear description and pictures of your machine or call on

+31 6 37435259 


Arranged from A to Z



We are passionate about construction machinery! Because of this, we provide customization to our customers and everything is possible! We deliver the machines to the customer's desire!


We stand for reliability! This means that any (known) defects are indicated and you know what you buy! With this we strive for 100% customer satisfaction 


As LAAN EQUIPMENT we stand for short lines, clarity in our agreements and reliable information is inextricably bound up with our mentality! So with us, an agreement really is an agreement!  

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